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Anna Lisa Vegter, 2021, Red Adventure Dog, Animated Mixed Media Lino Print

I have always loved contemplating on the stars and often I bring it into my meditation/visualisation practice. This picture represents a heart based meditation that involves grounding to the earth, breathing into the heart and focusing on a visual element such as a night sky - in this instance, the 'dog' star Sirius - in your mind's eye. 

The text is my Nanna's handwriting, describing instructions on how to use a new camera that she and my Pa shared. They travelled often and my Pa was a spirited photographer, which was always very inspiring to me. 


The main body of this piece is a Linocut print that I have inverted in photoshop, and added the stars - joining the dots together. The map, which represents the physical world of earth, was sourced from an art brochure of studios around Semaphore, Adelaide. 

So, it's a play on the inner and outer adventure through the heart of connecting to something greater than the individual self. 

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