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Anna Lisa Vegter, 2020, Ocean's Edge, lace doily, rock, polyester trim, leather, copper, thread

​​Inspiration for this neckpiece is based on a personal insight that emerged from a meditation experience. My inner guide that appeared was the presence of feminine energy, expressed physically as lace to embody her symbolic messages of guidance - seeing through the ego to the heart’s connection.


The scene was set at the ocean's edge, where the female guide was surrounded by black jagged rocks. These rocks symbolised negative aspects of the psyche’s fragmented self. The upside-down triangles of leather have a twofold meaning: symbolising water - the ocean's healing powers over negative forces, and as a representation of a picture that was printed on canvas.


This inner picture vision, moved through the canvas from a tear in the fabric. Underneath this canvas fabric, were multitudes of non-linear time sequences unfolding. Dimension after dimension, backwards and forwards through time and space,​ where the viewer sees through the veil to one's true essence. 

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